Solid COD remover (emulsifier)

First, alias: emulsifier, COD reducer, COD reducer

Second, this product is an efficient active polymer, dedicated to the treatment of COD wastewater, which is difficult to reduce. It can react and polymerize all kinds of organic matter in sewage instantly, forming large flocculants to settle or float, and achieve the purpose of completely removing COD.


The product uses nanometer photocatalysis technology and micro-electrolysis technology to efficiently decompose organic matter in water to achieve rapid and effective COD reduction. The product has strong adaptability to the changes of raw water temperature, turbidity, alkalinity and organic content, and has a good effect on removing COD, chroma and odor in water. According to the company’s experiments and case statistics, the removal rate of COD in wastewater can be more than 90%.

It is a new type, high efficiency, non-toxic chemical agent with super degradation and removal ability, and it is mainly used in the treatment of COD and ammonia nitrogen in various wastewater. And due to its own molecular structure characteristics, efficient COD remover integrates oxidation, adsorption, flocculation, precipitation, sterilization, disinfection, decolorization, deodorization and other eight characteristics. It is a high-end water treatment reagent developed by our company.

One, nature

  1. Appearance: small white crystal;
  2. Chemical properties: soluble in water.
  3. Packaging: internal plastic and external woven packaging, 25kg/ bag, 50KG/ bag;
  4. Storage and transportation precautions: avoid light, dry, cool sealed storage, can not be mixed with reducing agents, flammable and explosive substances, strong acids storage, transportation.

Second, product use

Mainly used for drinking water disinfection and purification, industrial sewage and urban sewage treatment, in printing and dyeing, leather, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries have good application potential, the main uses are as follows:

  1. Industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment.
  2. Aquaculture water treatment.
  3. Marine pollution prevention and control.
  4. Hospital and school sewage treatment.

5 Electroplating, leather, printing and dyeing, paper making, power plant and many other industries of sewage treatment.

Three, the use of methods

Directly put this product into the sewage treatment tank or dilute this product into mother liquor for input

  1. Industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment:

A, adjust the PH value of the wastewater to 6-7.

B, directly add this product to the wastewater, and stir well, according to the different COD content, add in proportion. The recommended amount is 3-5‰ of sewage, and the best amount needs to be decided by experiment.


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